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10 Tips To Make Your Manicure Last Longer

Who else doesn’t like cleaned-up cuticles, shaped nails, and a brand-new coat of paint? Keep yourself pampered at least once a week. We know routines are quite frustrating, and if you don’t have time for this, don’t worry; we have brought you the best steps to make your manicure last longer. Let’s get into the blog and keep your nails fresh as long as you want. 

Use Cuticle Oil

Maintain healthy nails with cuticle oil because it’s a vitamin in the oil which prevents the break and tear of nails. Use cuticle oil for a long-lasting manicure to get the best manicure tips. If you don’t feel like going out and buying cuticle oil, then don’t worry. You can apply coconut oil and olive oil. So many brands have introduced cuticle oil for the health of nails, so if you can afford it, you must shop for it. 

Don’t Apply Too Many Coats Of Nail Paint

You should only apply the 1-3 cost of the nail paint and don’t exceed because your polish is more prone to chipping. Avoid selecting colors that need multiple coats to give a sheer look. Keep nail health in consideration while visiting the salon. Different nail designs, such as Nail designs with diamonds, stones, and glitter, can ruin the appearance of nails. Avoid getting these nails frequently. 

Refresh Manicure With Top Coat Layer

Keep your manicure fresh with the top coat layer because the fresh layer of paint protects your nail polish and maintains its strength. Always apply a thin layer of top coat over the nail and seal the edges with a thin layer. If you have gel pain, slightly buff your nails and re-apply the top coat. 

Avoid Hot Water

Hot water showers and hot water when washing hands or dishes can deteriorate the nails—avoid hot water because when hot water seeps, it starts lifting and peeling the nail polish. Make sure that you keep your nails out of the water to protect the polish. 

Properly Buff The Nails

Ridges on your nails need to be adequately buffed. A deep ridge on the nails can cause the nail polish to crack, so make sure you are buffing your nails in one direction to achieve a smooth surface. This hack helps your manicure last longer. 

Use White Vinegar

Women who don’t have time to brush their nails regularly can use white vinegar. Wipe your nails with white vinegar before applying a base coat. It will help in removing the natural oils or build-up from nails. Let the vinegar dry before applying a base coat. 

Dry Your Nails Naturally

Fresh manicure nails must dry naturally and keep your hands away from heat. When you always try to set the nail polish by blowing hot air, it causes chipping of the nail polish. Don’t dry your nail polish by blowing air out of the mouth. It will smudge the nail polish. Always allow the nail polish to dry naturally. 

Don’t Use Hand Sanitizers

Frequent use of hand sanitizers won’t let your manicure last longer. Avoid applying other beauty products that contain fragrance or alcohol. Using such products will fade away the color of nail polish. 

Avoid Using Fast Drying Nail Polishes

Fast-drying nail polishes are a blessing, but you should avoid using them. These products affect the softer layer of your nails which further leads to chipping. Such nail polishes evaporated quickly without giving time to cure.  

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Sometimes we are in a hurry and open something with freshly manicured nails. It would break your nails, so prevent using your nails as tools. Avoid hot water as much as possible because soaked nails absorb water and cause nail polish to come off quickly. If you have to deal with water, wear rubber gloves to reduce the damage. 

Final Thoughts

These are the few hacks we mentioned to make your manicure last longer. It doesn’t matter how busy your routine is, you have to use the best quality products and choose the best salon for the best services. Do let us know how you found these tips. 

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