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Sims 4 Fashion Career Mod

The Sims 4 fashion career mod adds a new way for sims to design their own outfits. It also allows you to change work clothes for NPCs and create a unified look.

This career is semi-active and is divided into two branches, Stylish and Trendsetter. It’s one of the most popular careers in The Sims 4 and a great addition to the game.


Modeling is a Sims 4 fashion career mod in the Sims 4 that lets your sims walk down the runway wearing sexy apparel for top magazines. There are a number of different jobs to choose from, so you’ll need to decide which is right for your Sims.

A good fitness level and an eye for detail are crucial to a successful modeling career in the Sims 4 fashion career mod. It can be tough to get into shape, but it’s a rewarding career that will help your Sim become the ultimate face of their city.

Another fun career in the sims 4 fashion mod is being a dancer, which requires your sim to be strong and in shape. They can also focus on a specific style, like ballet, hip hop, or modern.

There are also a few other ways to make money in this career, such as selling photos to publication or signing autographs for fans. This career isn’t as lucrative as plastic surgery, but it still pays well and can help your Sim earn a lot of simoleons.


The sims 4 fashion career mod offers many options to let your Sims become the ultimate model. From modeling for city billboards and top magazines to strutting the runway in front of the camera, this mod will help you make your Sims the most in-demand high fashion model in town!

Whether you’re looking to make your Sims a rockstar, a muse or a fashion blogger, this mod has everything you need to get your Sims the career of their dreams. With its perks, handsome payouts and fewer working hours, this mod is a must-have for all fashion lovers!

The new Weather and Venue Restrictions will enable you to restrict outfits from certain weather conditions or specific regions. This will also give you the ability to customize your Sims’ clothing to fit a particular time period or style for an immersive experience!

Fashion Journalist

This Sims 4 fashion career mod gives your Sims a chance to be a journalist, who writes about fashion and style. The career is similar to the base game careers, but with additional content and skills.

At the top of the career, you can write your own magazine. This is a great way to get Sims interested in this career.

When your Sims level up in this career, they can use the ‘Careers’ menu to write fashion articles and publish them on the computer. These articles give career performance even when the Sim isn’t working, so this makes it a good way to level up your Writing skill!

Your Sims will need to have a decent amount of Writing and Charisma skills before they can get started as a journalist. They will also need to have a computer and some fashion items for starting out.

Style Influencer

In the Sims 4 fashion career mod, you can play as a style influencer. This is a unique career that allows you to create trends and make outfits for your townies. It also gives you the ability to give a makeover to ugly-looking sims. Read more on TheSims4Mods.

This is a great way to earn money, as well as fame if you have Get Famous. To become a style influencer, you need to complete daily tasks and level up your Writing, Photography, Painting and Charisma skills.

To do so, you’ll need a digital sketch pad and camera early on in the career. You’ll also need to unlock interactions that ask Sims to ‘Model Look’ and ‘Assess Impression’ from furniture items.

By level six in the career, you’ll be able to give makeovers. This is a nice way to improve the looks of unattractive sims, and it can be a great way to build relationships with other Sims as well.

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