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Realistic Mods For The Sims 4

Realistic Mods are a must have for anyone who enjoys playing The Sims 4. These mods will change up your sim’s life and make it more realistic.

These sims 4 realistic mods will make your Sims lives more interesting by changing up their moods, how they react and a whole lot more. They also add so many realistic aspects to the game like menstrual cycles, pregnancy, self woohoo and so much more.

Life’s Tragedy

Life’s Tragedy is a mod that will allow your Sims to suffer from random tragedies like kidnapping, car accidents, fatal illness, and more. These can be absolutely hilarious or devastatingly upsetting, but they’re definitely realistic and a game changer for any sim.

Once you turn the module on, a pie menu will appear with the option to choose what kind of tragedy your Sims or NPCs will face. You can have your Sims kidnaped, fall fatally ill, get into a car accident, become bullied, or be a victim of an armed robbery.

Ultrasound Scan

An ultrasound scan is a medical test that uses sound waves to produce an image of the inside of your body. This is a great way to see what your unborn baby looks like, check your growing pregnancy and estimate when it will arrive.

This mod is a must have for any Sims 4 lover because it makes the process of pregnancy a lot more realistic by giving your Sims ultrasounds. It also gives them some key information about how many babies they are having and their gender, which is cool because it can help your Sims find out what they’re having before they actually have it.

Risky Woohoo

Risky Woohoo is a modification that gives your Sims a chance to get pregnant with the help of a brand new pregnancy interaction. This isn’t a 100% guarantee, but it’s a realistic possibility for your Sims.

The mod also adds a few additional options to the marriage menu that aren’t included in the base game. These include whether to allow Sims to move households after they marry, which Sims take their partners’ last names, and more.

This mod is pretty easy to install. All you need is a computer in your household and access to it through MC Command Center. Once you’re there, just go to MC Woohoo>MC Pregnancy and then Risky Woohoo Percent to adjust the woohoo percentage that you want your Sims to have.

50% Lower Salaries

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Live in Business

Live in Business is a fun and interesting mod that lets your Sims run their own bar, restaurant, nightclub, or gym from their active lot. It’s not only a fun way to play, but also a good way to earn some cash while having a little fun. The mod is made by LittleMsSam, and it’s a great addition to any mod lover’s collection. It’s not only a fun mod, but it also has a few nifty features that can make your life easier. The best part is that it doesn’t cost a fortune to get started.

The Sims 4: Get to Work

The Go to Work expansion pack was an excellent addition for The Sims 4. It allowed players to control their Sims at work and manage their trials and tribulations in real-life. Read more on TheSims4Mods.

One of my favourite Realistic Mods is this one because it reduces the hourly salaries to a much more realistic amount! That way you won’t have to spend so much money on your Sims when they level up their career.

I also love this mod because it adds some cute interactions to the game! Your sims can exchange phone numbers, hug, monkey around, stargaze and even fall in love.

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