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A Summary of GE Universal Remote Codes

One of the multiple influential fictions that plenty of someones take for endowed will control to is the universal remote. When you mislay the authentic remote or you can no stretch find a substitute for the identical remote, GE Universal Remote Codes from further labels out there achieve your rehab. The fair something almost universal remotes are that you can effortlessly program them and put them up to standing with almost any tv that you have. No matter what the trademark or criterion is. In today’s focus, we will be obtaining a look at how you can program a general electric universal remote as agreeably as the remote regulations that you will be needing to program the remote to the separate appliance. Read on to know everything concerning putting up your General Electric universal remote.


General Electric Universal Remote Codes


  • Changhong: 4841
  • Citizen: 0001, 0961, 1221, 1661, 1941, 2191, 4321
  • Coby: 3351, 2521, 2511, 2531, 5091, 5191, 2541, 2551
  • Contex: 5411
  • Craig: 6321. 6311, 1941, 2191
  • Curtis: 2121, 2141, 2361, 2371, 5411, 1881, 1891,
  • Curtis Mathes: 0351, 1552, 5351, 5371, 0001, 0261, 1221, 1661, 4011, 4941
  • Cybervision: 3511
  • Dell: 0981, 1401, 3441, 20141, 3601, 3811
  • Devant: 6211
  • Dish Network: 5491
  • Disney: 0371, 1101, 5391
  • Durabrand: 0371, 0141, 0861, 0921, 1381, 2271, 2291, 5121
  • Dynex: 3141, 5311, 3161, 6521, 0371, 2891
  • Electrohoome: 0001, 1221, 1921, 2151, 3431
  • Electron: 2121
  • Elektra: 1661


GE Universal Remote without Code


Here’s the foremost method you can pursue to program the GE universal remote to your TV without the essential of entering or inputting any focus.


  • Propel up your television.
  • Shove and have the form regulator on your GE universal remote.
  • Maintain the control insisted until the Red light on the command control of the isolated relies upon.
  • Subsequently, you ought to drive the television button.
  • Currently, you ought to squeeze and terminate the authority button on your GE universal isolated every 5 moments.
  • This ought to be accomplished until your TV switches itself off.
  • Authority the television utilizing the regimes on your television itself.
  • Currently, you ought to encourage and conclude the trough up of the controller on the universal remote every three jiffies.


Program GE Universal Remote with Code


Using the principles provided overhead, program the outlying authority instantly using the following efforts.


  • Enter setup way. Depress and hold down the layout button on the universal remote code info until the red glare on the remote depends on it. Remove the format switch. The red glare will stay on. The red glare either is a small glare at the canopy of the isolated or the control on or off button.
  • Shove the apparatus type switch. Shove and discharge the device control on the slight for the class of apparatus you expect to retain. The red lamp will flicker once and stay on. If there is no gadget control on the screen for your style of instrument, you can use any device button on the remote.
  • Enter the device code. Use the number switches on the outlying to penetrate the foremost code exhibited here. The red lamp will turn off behind penetrating the fourth integer.
  • Ordeals with the consequences. Indicate the screened at the apparatus. Test the switches on the slight to see if the device reacts as you would desire. If the controls do not utilize the apparatus, produce Phase 1 overhead and use the following code in the list.
  • Replicate this procedure for your other apparatuses.






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