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How to Start Iodized Salt Manufacturing Business

Anyone can start an iodized salt business. You can start a small platform even with a small investment. The production process is simple, it produces iodine using high iodized salt.

Market opportunities for the production of iodized salt

Iodized salt is a white crystalline powder to which iodine has been added. Many people living in rural areas suffer from iodine deficiency (IDD) because the soil is deficient in iodine and they do not have access to iodine-rich foods. IDD can be easily prevented by consuming enough iodized salt.

Brining is a very expensive process that ensures a constant and stable supply of iodine for everyone. Iodized salt improves thyroid function, helps the brain, prevents depression, controls weight, and more. Increasing health awareness and capacity building are major factors driving the growth of the iodized salt market.

Currently, there are 18 iodine plants, of which 4 plants use the dry mix method and 14 plants use the wet solution. According to a health survey, the demand for iodized salt is more than 6 million tons per year.

Additional production capacity is required to meet this demand. Most of India’s salt production is for human consumption. Salt contains only a limited amount of iodine and this iodized salt is not enough to meet the demand. There is a good and stable market for these products.

Registration of manufacturers of iodized salt

Entrepreneurs need to obtain registration and special license from the Government of India while manufacturing iodized salt. These are as follows.

  • Business registration at ROC
  • Professional license from the city.
  • Factory License
  • MSME registration in industrial base
  • Food Industry License
  • BIS certificate

Financing the production of iodized salt

The total cost of initial capital depends on the amount of goods required and the total cost of the project. Usually the price he can split into two parts. One is fixed capital investment and the other is working capital.

Fixed capital investments include land, buildings and equipment. On the other hand, working capital includes raw materials, packaging, equipment, labor costs, etc. If you can afford at least 25-30% of the cost of your project, you can apply for financing from financial institutions and financial institutions. safety.

Equipment for manufacturing iodized salt

At the start of the secondary phase, the iodate production system should be inspected.

  • Silo (stainless steel)
  • Crusher (roller ball)
  • Mixture
  • Packaging machine

The main service is electricity. Because it is the main source of energy for the factory-installed heavy crusher. Organize general purpose activities in the office.

Production process and raw materials of iodized salt

The production process should be planned according to the capacity of the selected plant and the needs of the market. In the first stages of production, it takes several years for the factory to enter the market. The plant therefore operates at 75% of its annual capacity. In general, iodized salt can be prepared in several ways.

Iodination of table salt with potassium iodide, potassium iodide and calcium iodide is the most common industrial process. Potassium iodide is unstable.

Therefore, when using potassium iodide, a stabilizer (such as calcium carbonate) should be added to reduce the amount of iodine. Iodine, on the other hand, is stable up to 560°C.

Raw materials

The Bhavnagar-based Central Institute of Salt and Marine Chemistry (CSMCI) found that iodized salts were only depleted when solutions were heated or boiled. The Ministry of Health recommends potassium iodide over salt iodide.

According to the 1987 BIS standard, 50 ppm potassium iodine must be added to achieve 30 ppm iodine. Iodine should be prepared by dissolving iodine in water or salt. The salt crystals are then mixed with water to form the iodized salt.

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