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Tips and tricks on how to start a bed and breakfast

A bed and breakfast business is a great starting point in the accommodation industry. You can grow your business or even keep it as it is. Either way, accommodation businesses make a fair amount of profit, especially if it’s near tourist attractions, the city proper or even bodies of water like lakes, beaches and so on.

Plus temporary accommodation is always in demand. Your clients could include tourists, couples on a romantic getaway, long-distance drivers in need of a rest stop, and so much more! So whatever their purpose might be, all of them have one thing in common, they need a place to stay.

So if you’re planning to open up your very own bed and breakfast, here are some tips and tricks you should know before opening!

What makes a 5-star bed and breakfast?

Offering quality service and amenities isn’t what’s going to get you 5 stars, although it will get you loyal customers and higher ratings. There are certain things an accommodation needs to be considered a 5-star establishment. To help you out, here are the key factors you need to get your business considered as a 5-star bed and breakfast:

  • A smaller establishment like a B&B is expected to accommodate guests in a private house by the owner themselves and can cater to up to 6 paying guests.
  • All bedrooms should have their own designated bathrooms.
  • Offers quality bedding for the benefit and comfort of the guest (mattress, bed topper, sheets, duvets, pillowcases, throw pillows…etc.)
  • Offer quality furniture in rooms from sofas, desks, chairs, a vanity, a dresser and stools.
  • Includes homemade breakfast made with quality ingredients.
  • Can cater to any of your guests’ requests.
  • Offer basic amenities such as WiFi, free parking, toiletries, a television, a telephone, refreshments, a fitness centre or gym and so on.
  • Have a functioning and well-decorated lobby.
  • Have great customer service.
  • Offer a beautiful and clean interior.
  • Offer room service.

What do people look for in a bed and breakfast?

A bed and breakfast is usually a more homey accommodation compared to hotels, motels, inns and so on. It’s supposed to offer a home-like atmosphere that is comfortable, and cozy but at the same time exciting to be in.

But don’t overdo the whole ‘home’ idea. Of course, people also want something exciting when staying in your B&B. Offer something homey but not common in most homes, like quality breakfast every morning, luxury quality bedding, delicious beverages, great amenities and amazing ambience and smell. So it’s like home but better.

How do I make my B&B better?

Apart from offering quality service, food, drinks, ambience, smell and amenities you can make your B&B a whole lot better in various ways. To sum up, great ways to make your bed and breakfast even better, here’s a list:

  • Offer various ways to reach you like through a hotline, Facebook page, Instagram profile, Website, Airbnb and so on.
  • Offer complementary goods such as free coffee, free pastries and so on.
  • Offer various payment options like cash, Paypal, credit and debit and so on.
  • Offer pillow options like memory foam, feather pillows and so on.
  • Have a signature dish or beverage.
  • Offer an amazing ambience by adding good lighting, music, plants and great scent.
  • Offer more basic amenities like sanitary pads, robes, slippers, alcoholic beverages and so on.
  • Offer quality photos and detailed descriptions of everything you offer.
  • You can offer a breakfast buffet.

What kind of breakfast do I offer in a B&B?

Of course, the breakfast part of your business has to be good. It has to be one of the highlights of your bed and breakfast and to do so is by offering a wide range of options. To make sure everything you serve is something your guests would like, try offering the 4 main types of breakfast then add a personal twist!

The four main types of breakfast:

  • Continental breakfast – This will consist of a beverage like juice, coffee or tea, a kind of pastry and fruits.
  • English breakfast – This will consist of an egg, sausages, toast, tomatoes and a beverage like juice, coffee or tea.
  • Hawaiian breakfast – This will consist of eggs, sausages or burgers, rice, fruits and juice.
  • French breakfast – This consists of a pastry, a spread, fruit and a beverage like coffee, tea or hot choco.

How do I protect my bed and breakfast?

A great way to protect any business is by getting business insurance. This can protect your business in various ways plus having coverage can make you seem more credible to clients, partners and customers.

Getting your business insured can protect your business from legal, financial and actual damage that can either cause major setbacks or even be your business’s demise. So if you’re thinking about getting coverage, consider consulting with an insurance broker.

They’ll help you find the best policies that’ll suit your business’s needs and can even help you have a deeper understanding of the coverage you’re getting. Plus with an insurance broker, you’ll be able to look through options.

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