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Hyundai Grandeur EV Price 2023

Currently Hyundai is preparing to launch a new, retro-inspired fully electric Grandeur, which will be sold worldwide in 2023. It will have an EV powertrain and all-wheel drive, while offering a number of modern features and features like a new eggcrate grille and bronze ambient lighting. The new Hyundai Grandeur will also feature a four-way 18-speaker sound system and an integrated soundbar.


The Hyundai Grandeur was first introduced as the flagship sedan in 1986. It is a low-roof luxury car that is popular in South Korea. It has been the best selling car in the country for five straight years. It was also a finalist for the 2006 Car of the Year.

The Hyundai Grandeur is still available in South Korea as a hybrid model. It has also been exported to several countries including China, Korea, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, China, Singapore, India and the United States. It has sold over 2 million units in total. It is also available in Australia, where it is called the Sonata. Its options include a 3.5-litre six-cylinder petrol, a 2.5-litre four-cylinder petrol and a 1.6-litre petrol-electric hybrid.


The Hyundai Grandeur is designed for luxury and comfort. Its interior is packed with technology, including a widescreen display, an acoustic theory system, four-way 18-speaker sound systems, and an electrochromic shade that can alter the amount of direct sunlight that can enter the cabin. It also features a third touchscreen, which allows the driver to adjust the comfort functions such as the air conditioning and heating. There is also a mini-fridge in the seatback.

The Hyundai Grandeur’s new electric powertrain may use two motors to generate 270 kW of combined power. It could also have a battery pack that supports ultra-fast charging. It is expected to have a range of at least 400 km. In addition, it will have dual motors to generate up to 700 Nm of torque. It may even come with a multi-charging system and an all-wheel drive system.

Release Date

Hyundai has also announced that it plans to produce 23 electric models in 2025. It hopes to sell 1.87 million units of electric vehicles annually. It also plans to hold 7% of the electric vehicle market by 2030. The Hyundai Grandeur EV will likely share platforms with the new Grandeur. It could also share a platform with the Kia K8.


The Hyundai Grandeur EV will feature an interior with plenty of space and legroom. It will also have folding work tables in the middle seat, which could be used for mini-fridge storage or for working tables. Its doors will have motorized flush fitting door handles to increase aerodynamic efficiency.

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