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St Martin Cab Company Wild Animals in Saint Martin’s: an Incomplete Guide

Silver Line Taxi Service St Maarten Introduction Contrary to what the title would suggest, this field guide is not intended to be an exhaustive reference on St. Martin’s flora and wildlife. That kind of guidance would be much longer and more complicated, needing knowledge from many other subjects. I’ve only included the creatures and plants that I have personally observed and captured on camera. However, the vast bulk of the island’s vegetation and animals are covered in this book. While others are completely disregarded, some taxa are barely touched. The author and researcher of the essay lacked proper zoological training. Then, given there are some severe gaps and omissions here, I advise exploring elsewhere for information on the flora and wildlife of this island. I don’t know of any such book, so this might be difficult.

Animals from Saint Martin’s

This category includes species and cultivars that are exclusive to this island or the Lesser Antilles. I think this is an excellent method to learn about the natural wildlife of the island. An excellent illustration is the wealth of information about the island’s avifauna, as many of the bird species found there are common throughout the Americas. However, compared to their mainland equivalents, some of the lizard species found here are endemic to very small islands and have gotten much less attention. A discussion of conservation and an examination of a couple of the island’s most significant ecosystems round out the chapter. Accept my sincere apologies in advance for any mistakes, and I sincerely hope that they can be fixed in later printings should this book ever be reviewed by a professional. I’m hoping that this guide will make your trip to this stunning island more enjoyable. Trying to Find St Martin Taxi Service click the link, please

Description of the island of Saint Martin

One of the Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles is located in the northeastern Caribbean, on the Atlantic coast, and is also referred to as Sint Maarten. The Lesser Antilles are volcanic islands that were formed when the Atlantic Plate slid beneath the Caribbean Plate. When the island was still submerged around 20 million years ago, it was covered in a layer of limestone rock that is now extremely noticeable. It does have some mountains, the highest of which is Pic Paradis at 424 metres, although fewer than younger islands like Saba. Taxi Service in St. Martin. Approximately 87 square kilometres of the island of Saint Martin, which is equally controlled by France (Saint Martin) and the Netherlands Antilles, are claimed by France, making up its northern 60 percent (Sint Maarten).

Most of the approximately 80,000 people who currently reside there

To the side of the Dutch The two largest neighbouring islands, Tintamarre and Ilet Pinel, are situated on the French side of the island chain. Like the other Lesser Antilles, Saint Martin St Martin Taxi Service has never had a land bridge connecting it to another continent. Natural fauna is therefore scarce, especially that which is incapable of flight. Colonial era settlers cleared a large portion of the native forest cover and drained the mangrove wetlands for agricultural purposes. Secondary growth probably makes up the majority of the woodlands we see today. The introduction of nonnative animals, whether unintentional (such as rats and mice) or purposeful (such as zebrafish) has been associated with habitat loss and the extinction of native species (livestock, mongoose). But recently, building for tourists has resulted in the destruction or severe degradation of ecosystems including the island’s lagoon and its numerous salt ponds. Take advantage of the Sint Maarten Taxi service here.


Bats are the only naturally occurring creatures on Saint Martin; nevertheless, dolphins and whales can occasionally (or always) be seen in the neighbouring waters. The island’s mammal population is influenced by farm animals, domestic pets, and troublesome rodents, but the majority of these mammals are imported. Ancient inhabitants of the region included both the enormous hutia (Amblyrhiza inundata), which could weigh up to 200 kilogrammes, and the much smaller, semi-aquatic oryzomyine. Oryzomyine bones have been discovered at archaeological sites on the island, but it is unknown if these creatures existed when the Arawaks, the island’s first known inhabitants, first came there.


Sint Maarten Taxi, the insular long-tongued bat (Monophyllus plethodon luciae), the Antillean cave bat (Brachyphylla cavernarum cavernarum), and the Lesser Antillean tree bat (Ardops nicholl) are among the eight or more bat species that call the island home (order Chi roptera) (Molossus molossus molossus). Bats are frequently spotted in the night sky and are known to live within buildings. In addition, the island has two caverns where a variety of birds can rest. Any findings obtained here should be treated with caution because it is famously difficult to identify bats from images (as opposed to conserved specimens). Photos may disclose information about an object’s species, appearance, size, and presence or absence of a noseleaf. One element that could be challenging to determine from an image is the length of the tail in relation to the tail membrane.

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