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2022’s top high back office chairs

A high back Mesh Office Chair is one of the few pieces of office furniture that can truly define a space. High back chairs, which are most frequently found in conference rooms and executive offices, send a message to anybody who visits. They enhance the appearance and sense of importance. Choosing the perfect high back chair for your needs might be challenging because there are so many different high back chair designs. We have compiled a list of the top high back chair selections using our years of selling and using high back chairs as a guide. In order to have options for nearly everyone’s needs, we try to offer a nice variety of chairs in various styles and pricing ranges.

1. Humanscale Freedom with Headrest: Best for Lumbar Support

One of the most famous chairs on the market is the Humanscale Freedom with Headrest. The Freedom is the only chair with an appearance like it. A high-end chair with good construction, this one. The Freedom with headrest features one of the tallest backrests on this list, measuring up to 32″.

One of your finest options for a chair with a backrest over 30″ and strong lumbar support is this one. A pivoting feature allows the lower portion of the backrest to tilt to the ideal position for the optimum support. The back height adjustment makes it possible to place the noticeable lumbar curve on your back in the ideal location.

You don’t have to fiddle with tension adjustments or tilt locking positions because it has a weight-sensitive recline function. Simply lean back into the position you wish to be in while working, and the chair will hold you there. One of the few seats that maintains eye level for typing throughout the whole recline range is this one.

This is a fantastic choice for settings with high design standards. A wide range of fabric options, including premium leathers, complement the chair’s elegant and contemporary form.

Potential drawbacks

The Freedom’s exorbitant price is one of its main flaws. The cheapest fabric for the chairs costs over $1,000, and if you choose higher-quality upholstery, the cost quickly increases.

Some folks could also experience issues with their arms. They are not the most ergonomic choice for little individuals because, to begin with, they are a little wider than other chairs we have examined. The arms also move in unison. For those of you who prefer to task with your arms up at various heights, this will be an issue.

2. Eurotech Ergohuman Mesh with Headrest, Best Mesh

The backrest on the Ergohuman Mesh with Headrest can be adjusted to a maximum height of 30.5″. The Ergohuman is an ergonomic mesh chair that might have made the greatest lumbar support list as well. The backrest has a three-section design, with parts for the neck and head, upper back, and lumbar region. The lumbar is quite supportive and flexes according to the user’s weight.

You can adjust the height of the backrest to make it the ideal height for you. It is simple to position the back at the preferred angle thanks to the tension adjustment and three locked positions. The headrest can pivot and is height-adjustable, making it simple to set it in your neck’s curve for best comfort.

Due to its many adjustability, high-quality mesh, and reduced price, the Ergohuman has proved an excellent substitute for more expensive mesh chairs like the Aeron. The mesh is pleasant to the touch, flexible, and well-conservative. It features six distinct mesh colours and is airy and supportive.

Potential drawbacks

The seat of the Mesh Chair Singapore presents the greatest potential drawback. It could be uncomfortable for certain people for a few different reasons. The first is that the entire seat is surrounded by a metal frame. You might occasionally make contact with the frame, which is uncomfortable.

The mesh itself is the second problem with the seat. Not everyone finds mesh seats pleasant, therefore those who have in the past been put off by mesh seats might wish to look for an alternative option. I suggest looking into the Ergohuman Leather or the Ergohuman Mesh/Leather combo, which combines a leather seat with a mesh back.

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