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Top Performing EHR Software 2022 – 2023

Having the right EHR software will make a huge difference in your practice. There are a number of different types of EHRs on the market. Some of these include Cerner EMR, Allscripts EHR, OncoEMR, and TouchWorks EHR. These are some of the top-performing EHR software programs for use in today’s healthcare industry. They are all powerful programs that can help you save money and improve patient care.


During the last year, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has found that the Cerner EHR system has been plagued by numerous system failures and problems. In addition, the OIG has found deficiencies in implementation and training.

The VA has been working on the Electronic Health Record Modernization project for over a decade. The VA’s homegrown Vista health record system is being replaced with the Cerner commercial system. The Department of Defense is also deploying the commercial system.

Cerner has an extensive history in the healthcare industry. The company was founded in 1979 by Paul Gorup and Cliff Illig. The company was originally named PGI and Associates. The company was taken public in 1984.

The Cerner EHR is designed to streamline the clinical workflow and improve patient safety. It offers physicians quick access to patient information and provides multiple data entry options. It is also compatible with other applications. It integrates with EBSCO Nursing Resources, FormFast, Vocera Wireless Communication System and CHRON Health Telemedicine.

The VA has a 10-year, $10 billion contract with Cerner to develop a new EHR system. It is scheduled to be implemented at 138 military hospitals and clinics worldwide by 2023. The Coast Guard also announced in 2018 that it will join the EHR system.

In June, Cerner was acquired by Oracle for $30 billion. The two companies are already working together on the development of a national EHR database. Oracle Cerner has also launched a new interoperability tool called Seamless Exchange. It is designed to give providers more clear information about a patient’s health history.

AdvancedMD EHR

Whether you’re a provider, a practice manager, or a patient, AdvancedMD EHR software is a great tool to have in your medical office. This software provides all the tools needed for a seamless patient experience.

This EHR system is built to be user-friendly and customizable, allowing it to adapt to any provider’s workflow. It also offers extensive implementation guidance, as well as ongoing training.

Its user-friendly interface allows patients to quickly access their records. It also allows for better coordination of care. In addition, it encourages patients to take part in the treatment process.

Its scheduling software is simple to use and offers customizable time intervals. Users can also color code appointment types. This feature is particularly useful when managing patient volumes.

Another great feature of AdvancedMD EHR is its ability to provide timely reminders and medical advice. It also allows for easy charting and sending prescriptions. It also includes inter-facility messaging, which helps physicians connect with each other in a timely manner.

AdvancedMD also offers a mobile app. This allows you to view calendars, messages, and patient cards. You can also send inbound documents to your patients, practice tasks on the go, and manage to the bill.

In addition to its EHR software, AdvancedMD also provides a practice management solution. This software helps small to medium-sized practices manage their patient volumes. The pricing for this software is $229 – $429 per provider per month.

TouchWorks EHR

Choosing the best EHR for your practice is a crucial step in maximizing clinical efficiency. You need to understand the different advantages and drawbacks of each EHR to make the right choice. These four EHR solutions are designed to help you achieve these objectives.

Allscripts TouchWorks EHR is an electronic health record solution that allows physicians to generate clinical notes and view them in various formats. It also features workflow automation to reduce the time spent on administrative tasks. It supports ICD-10 coding and is Meaningful Use compliant. It is best suited for large and medium-sized medical practices. It is also targeted at academic medical centers and multi-specialty clinics.

GE Centricity is a cloud-based electronic health record solution that is designed to facilitate collaboration between clinicians and other healthcare providers. It also focuses on optimizing patient health information to decrease repeat procedures and unnecessary costs. Its commitment to streamlining patient health information reduces costs and promotes human connection. It offers a wide range of tools that enable physicians to compare the quality of care they provide.

NextGen Ambulatory EHR is a powerful electronic health record solution for small and medium-sized practices. Meaningful Use is certified, HIPAA compliant, and works with a variety of operating systems. Also offers customization of document types and drug information and can be installed locally or on a cloud platform. Offers a variety of clinical functions, including appointment management, e-prescribing, and clinical documentation. Also offers regular features, such as care guides, progress note tabs, and mobile access.

Allscripts Professional EHR

Using Allscripts Professional EHR software, ambulatory care facilities can easily handle administrative processes and regulatory compliance. It also streamlines clinical processes. For example, the e-prescribe feature lets practitioners prescribe medication over the internet, which cuts down on the chances of errors. This software also supports telehealth capabilities, which are especially useful for patients who cannot visit their physicians in person.

Allscripts has a developer portal where developers can build new applications on top of the software. Healthcare providers can also create a portal for patients to access their health information. Allscripts also provides consulting services and infrastructure migrations.

The company has over 30 years of experience in healthcare technology. Allscripts has been helping healthcare organizations to implement telehealth and virtual patient visits.

Allscripts has also helped organizations adopt population health management solutions. They are also known for their precision medicine software, 2bPrecise. They are also known for their medical education, managed IT services, and application management services.

Allscripts is currently ranked as one of the top five EHRs in the United States. It is a good choice for medical practices of all sizes. Its cloud-based software makes it easy for patients to access their health information anytime.

Allscripts is also a great choice for practices with scheduling needs. Allscripts offers an integrated appointment scheduler that helps streamline clinical procedures. This software is also compatible with mobile devices. It is government certified and is compatible with federal health centers, patient-centered medical homes, and ACOs.

Quest Quanum

Designed by Quest Diagnostics, QuestQuanum is a web-based EHR that is built to meet Meaningful Use standards and help deliver the best patient care possible. This includes a comprehensive dashboard, clinical messaging, and lab management tools, among others. This software is also HIPAA compliant and fully scalable. This makes it a good choice for both large and small enterprises alike.

Among the most notable features of QuestQuanum is the e-Rx of controlled substances. This feature allows for prescription refills from the patient’s home, eliminating the need to visit the clinic for the same. It also allows the patient to choose services and pay online. It also features automatic reminders and a streamlined booking process.

Quanum also has an impressive lab management system that lets clinicians track test results and order labs from their offices. They can also annotate test results, and follow up on tasks and other practice-related tasks.

Quanum also has a fancy EHR dashboard, which allows clinicians to take advantage of the latest technology. This includes a virtual desk, an iPad, and a mobile app. These features make it easy for clinicians to track patient data at a glance, allowing them to make quicker decisions. This software is also built to meet Meaningful Use standards and is scalable to meet the needs of any medical practice.

Quanum is a great choice for smaller practices that are trying out EHR software for the first time. Using the latest in EMR technology, clinicians can improve their workflows and patient care. They also get to see lab results and prescriptions from anywhere, at any time. Using an EHR, professionals can prescribe medications, schedule appointments, and communicate securely with other clinicians. This software is also HIPAA compliant, so only authorized personnel can access patient data.


Designed for oncology practices, OncoEMR is a cloud-based electronic medical record (EMR) that offers a secure and seamless interface. OncoEMR serves as a personalized diagnostic and treatment tool for oncology patients.

OncoEMR is designed to be HIPPA and Meaningful Use compliant. In addition to facilitating data collection, OncoEMR includes a library of managed clinical content, as well as performance monitoring and comparative analytics. OncoEMR is also designed to interface with laboratories, radiology information systems, and inventory systems.

It is a web-based solution that is compatible with a variety of operating systems. The interface can also order multiple prescriptions. In addition, OncoEMR has a dedicated support team to help users.

Scalable solution that is easy to use for both clinicians and administrators. Offers a variety of features, including a clinical workflow, a patient portal, and an oncology dashboard.

Can also be deployed on-premise or as a SaaS solution. NextGen’s system has streamlined the process of documenting patient encounters, which has benefited both physicians and patients. It also offers quality reports and 24/7 account support.

OncoEMR is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It also offers secure on-demand access to patient information and integration with other practice management systems.

OncoEMR also supports HIPAA compliance. It has several reports and notifications that are designed specifically for oncology practitioners. These features include a patient portal and performance monitoring, which is ideal for oncologists who want to improve patient care and reduce costs.


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