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Tips to Choose Porcelain Stoneware During Home Renovation

The hottest trend in wall tiles is porcelain stoneware. It can withstand nearly anything, and it allows you to create any design that you desire.

It is a versatile material that can be cut in different sizes and finished. This makes it ideal for creating any space you desire.

Porcelain tiles are made from compact ceramic paste. They are dry-pressed and then subject to one firing. According to the bathroom renovations Orillia Specialists, They are suitable for all rooms, including bathrooms and kitchens.

These tiles can also be used to create a porcelain floor outdoors, such as on a terrace or patio.


Shapes, colors, and textures

Porcelain stoneware can be made in many sizes to suit every decorative need. It is crucial to choose the right size as it will affect the final result.

You can cover the entire bathroom wall (or just one wall), or you can go for larger-format porcelain floors like the wood-effect porcelain flooring. These look great in large spaces, but you still want them to feel cozy such as a porch, or dining area. Relax on your roof.

You will be amazed at the variety available to personalize and decorate any space in your home. There are many other options. You can choose from finishes in stone, slate, marble, or even “cement” or an “aged rust”, which are great for adding a personal touch to rooms decorated in an industrial or urban style.

You can also choose from a variety of solid colors or the design you desire.

There are many options for porcelain flooring. Your creativity is limited only by your imagination. Once the tile has been manufactured, digital printing can be used to create any design that you want.


Consider these details when choosing a porcelain floor


The versatility of porcelain wall tiles is unmatched. This material is resistant to cleaning products and has low water absorption. It can be used in spaces that require minimal maintenance. It can withstand temperature and humidity changes outside.

  • Great Resistance
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Low water absorption
  • Support for temperature and humidity changes

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Laying and finishing

For optimal fixation, double glue should be used (on each tile and the support) when laying them. You can also choose to cover floors or walls with them with beveled edges.

If you prefer a visual effect, they can be cut “to edge” (also known as rectified porous stoneware). This allows them to be joined almost seamlessly, creating a continuous covering that can visually enlarge any space.

Lastly, this material can be finished in any of the many possible colors. It also can mimic different textures such as wood, warm, welcoming, or marble, and transmits a feeling of freshness.

Porcelain stoneware has many decorative possibilities and is a great option if you need to renovate walls and floors.

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