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Praxis EMR vs CureMD EHR

Praxis EMR

Praxis EMR is a unique electronic health information system that can use to meet the needs of many different healthcare organizations. It is focused on providing high quality service and an easy-to-use electronic health record system. Praxis EMR has many customization options that can be customize to suit the needs of any doctor office.

Artificial Intelligence

Praxis EMR Is main feature is Concept Processing Artificial Intelligence, (AI). It automatically retrieves relevant medical information. The software also learns from staff and doctors, which allows it to improve its intelligence over time. A knowledge exchanger allows users to share their knowledge with others. This feature enhances medical practice and allows users to add content to the method they use.

Quick Charting

Praxis EMR also has the ability to generate medical records automatically for new patients. This is done by identifying the unique case class of each patient. The program then creates medical records and sends them off to the doctor or his staff. This facilitates quick charting. This also serves as a reminder.


Praxis EMR also has the ability to generate reports automatically for any Quality Reporting Program (QRP). It can also integrate with pharmacies, labs, and diagnostic equipment. It also handles administrative aspects of clinical practice.

Deliver Better Care

Praxis EMR is ideal for small- to medium-sized physician practices as well as hospital-affiliate clinics. It is also a great fit for ACOs and IPAs. It can be use by doctors to practice medicine in their own way, improve their bedside manner and deliver better care.

Agents Feature

Praxis EMR has an Agents feature. Agents are AI messengers that manage and store patient information. They send reminders to doctors and staff to complete tasks. These reminders are embedd in the patient’s notes and can be accesse by a new patient who has a similar case. These can be used to remind staff to contact patients and to schedule repeat MRIs.

Praxis EMR offers clients an educational program. The company provides specialized training seminars as well as digital resources for healthcare professionals. The Knowledge Exchanger feature allows users to share their knowledge with experts in their field. The module also includes a Scanaway module, which allows users to archive documents digitally.

New practices can also be offer a low-interest payment plan for as long as 90 days. Praxis EMR offers a range of customization options, including the possibility to create custom templates. DATUM+ reporting software has been added to the system. This software makes reporting for MACRA and PQRS easier.

Praxis EMR is ideal for small- to medium-sized practices as well as large hospitals. It has a wide range of features and an intuitive interface. It can also adapt to new regulations easily without the need to change vendors.


CureMD is a powerful tool that can improve the workflow of your practice and make patients feel better. The CureMD EMR portal allows you to view your records online 24×7. This helps reduce paper work and decreases the number of urgent calls. CureMD makes it easy to access, update, and view patient records, as well as lab results, and other information.

SMART Cloud solution

CureMD’s SMART Cloud solution allows medical practices to access complete, evidence-based data to improve patient care, practice performance and bottom line. Cloud-based solutions allow seamless connectivity to thousands of pharmacies, laboratories, and other providers. Integrating CureMD EMR with other software applications in your practice is simple.

You need to choose an EMR system that suits your needs. A solution that supports workflow, E-Prescribing and EDI is essential. The SMART Cloud EMR is available for CureMD with all of these features, and many more.

Integrated design

CureMD is an intuitive electronic medical record system that can use to manage patients and records. It can be modularized, so it can adapt to the needs of different healthcare units. It was designed to simplify the workflow of healthcare professionals, and ensure compliance with industry standards. It allows doctors to access their medical records, and to interact with patients.

CureMD has an app available for iPhone and iPad. Avalon allows doctors to access patient records, clinical reviews, notes, and insurance eligibility. It helps doctors to track appointments and automate the creation of forms.

Mobile access

CureMD’s cloud-based EMR integrates clinical data, billing, scheduling and administration reporting for care delivery organizations. It’s easy to use and conforms with industry standards. It can also improve efficiency and quality in practice.

CureMD’s mobile app allows doctors to quickly access patient information. This helps them streamline tedious tasks in their practice. The mobile app is accessible from any location. It integrates with many healthcare networks and systems, so physicians can access patient information from any location.

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