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1. Pockels Cells

Based on the electro-optic impact, when the used electric area acts on the Pockels cell crystal (electro-optic crystal), the Pockels cell crystal (electro-optic crystal) resembles a wave plate whose stage hold-up is associated with the used electric field. The polarization state of the outgoing light from the Pockels cell crystal will change so that the strength and amplitude of the outgoing light from the analyzer are modulated, which is electro-optic inflexion, as well as the modulation gadget, is called a Pockels cell.

2. Pockels cells crystal

The crystals that generate the electro-optical impact are called Pockels cell crystals, that is, electro-optical crystals. They each have their benefits. Presently, the main Pockels cell crystals on the marketplace include BBO crystals, DKDP crystals, KTP crystals, and also LN (LiNbO3) crystals.

(1) BBO crystal

Description: BBO crystal, also called barium metaborate crystal, with chemical formula BaB2O4, is an electro-optic and nonlinear crystal with outstanding detailed residential or commercial properties.


BBO crystal has an extremely broad light transmission variety, extremely low absorption coefficient, and also weak piezoelectric buzzing effect; compared to various other electro-optical modulation crystals, it has a greater extinction proportion, a bigger phase matching angle, and also High resistance to light damages limit, broadband temperature matching and excellent optical harmony are beneficial to boost the security of laser outcome power, especially in the frequency triple of Nd: YAG laser has a wide variety of applications.


It has a large range of related fields in the 3rd, fourth and also 5th harmonics of Nd: YAG lasers (355nm, 266nm as well as 213nm, specifically), the 2nd and 3rd harmonics of Ti: Sapphire amplifiers (400nm and 266.7 nm) as well as various other relevant areas. Application. It can likewise be put on OPO configurations, optical parametric oscillators, and electro-optical applications from near-infrared to deep ultraviolet.

(2) DKDP crystal

Description: DKDP (KD * P) crystal, also referred to as potassium deuterium phosphate crystal, chemical formula KD2PO4, is a particular electro-optical crystal item.


KDP and DKDP (KD * P) crystals have the advantages of high resistance to light damages limit, high electro-optic coefficient, excellent ecological resistance, small style, and ease and modification.


It is widely used in state-of-the-art fields such as laser regularity conversion, electro-optic inflexion and electro-optic fast-changing. It can be utilized to produce affordable and massive finished nonlinear parts appropriate for double frequency (SHG) and triple regularity (THG) fields.

(3) KTP crystal

Summary: KTP crystal, called potassium titanium phosphate crystal, whose chemical formula is KTiOPO4, is a crystal product with exceptional nonlinear and electro-optical residential or commercial properties.
Qualities: KTP has the homes of high electro-optical coefficient and reduced dielectric consistency, which can work at high frequency and be used as an electro-optical Q-switched crystal. KTP likewise has excellent frequency-increasing efficiency:

  • – Large nonlinear coefficient
  • – No declination Angle
  • – High optical damages threshold
  • – Little adjustment in stage matching problems with temperature level


used in the medium and tiny power Nd: YAG and Nd: YVO4 laser result 1064-532nm laser regularity increasing crystal products.

(4) LN (LiNbO3) crystals

Summary: LiNbO3 crystal, additionally known as lithium niobate crystal, referred to as LN crystal, is an electro-optical crystal with excellent comprehensive performance.


Compared to various other electro-optical crystals, the crystal has the advantages of small size, hard decidualization, large electro-optical coefficient, wide transparency variety, high electro-optical efficiency, low absorption loss, and low damage threshold.


It has a wide variety of applications in related areas, such as electro-optic modulators and also Q-switches in Nd: YAG, Nd: YLF and also Ti: Sapphire lasers as well as modulators in fibre optics. At the same time, it can be used in 532nm, 1064nm and 2940nm lasers, with frequency doubling over 1000 nm wavelength and optical specification boosting of 1064nm pump light.


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