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Importance of BS7858 Staff Vetting Practice in 2022


Businesses have a legal responsibility to protect their staff, customers, and members of the public. One way of doing this is by ensuring that all individuals who work with or come into contact with these people have been vetted in line with BS7858 standards.

Thus, automatic BS7858 staff vetting is a program that conducts background checks on potential employees before hiring. It involves the verification of employees and their employment eligibility. The process uses electronic methods and tools to verify information about the employee, such as their name, address, date of birth, and other relevant details. The results of the check are sent directly to the applicant, who can then decide whether he or she wants to continue with the hiring process.

This practice has become increasingly important in 2022 when new regulations come into force. By then, businesses must have ensured that all their staff has undergone a robust vetting process. Failing to do so could result in large fines and even imprisonment. So, if you’re not yet fully compliant, now is the time to take action.

So, in this article, we’ll discuss the importance of BS7858 staff vetting practice in 2022:

1. Legal Compliance

Many businesses deal with sensitive information daily. This could be anything from customer data to financial records. As such, businesses must take steps to protect this information from being leaked or falling into the wrong hands. One way to do this is by ensuring that all staff members are vetted under BS7858.

This standard sets out several requirements that must be met for someone to be deemed suitable for work in a security-sensitive environment. By vetting staff by BS7858, businesses can be sure that they are complying with the law and minimizing the risk of information being leaked.

In addition, staff vetting can also help to deter potential criminals from applying for jobs with the company. As such, it provides an important layer of security for businesses of all sizes.

2. Streamlined Recruiting Process

BS7858 is the British Standard for the vetting and screening of individuals employed in a security environment. The standard helps to ensure that only suitable individuals are employed in security roles and that they are properly trained and monitored. BS7858-compliant organizations are required to have a robust and streamlined recruitment and hiring process in place.

This way, staff vetting helps prevent unsuitable candidates from being hired. This is one of the most important advantages of BS7858, as it helps to certify that only the best candidates are hired for security roles. By ensuring that all candidates are properly vetted and screened, vetting creates a safer environment for both employees and customers.

3. Reduced Risk of Fraudulent Activities

BS7858 staff vetting practice is important as it reduces the risk of fraudulent activities. By checking an individual’s background, references, and identity, you can be sure that they are who they say they are and that their intentions are genuine. This due diligence is vital in preventing fraudulent activities such as identity theft, data breaches, and data theft.

Furthermore, by verifying an individual’s credentials, you can confirm that they have the skills and experience required for the role they are applying for. Staff vetting practice helps to protect organizations from fiscal harm and reputational damage by reducing the chances of fraud.

4. Employee empowerment

Staff vetting practice is a process that helps businesses to ensure that their employees are screened and vetted before they are hired. This process can help to identify potential problems that could arise from hiring an employee with a criminal history or other red flags.

In addition, BS7858 helps to ensure that employees are properly trained and educated on the company’s policies and procedures. As a result, it can help to create a more empowered workforce that is better equipped to handle the challenges of the workplace.

Thus, employee empowerment is one of the most vital benefits of staff vetting, and it is a key reason why this process is so important for businesses.

5. Increased Credibility

BS7858 is the British Standard for the vetting of personnel employed in a security environment. The standard reduces the risks associated with employing dishonest or unsuitable people in security roles. Staff vetting is a process that assesses an individual’s suitability for work in a security environment. The assessment includes a review of the individual’s criminal history, employment history, and personal references.

Moreover, this process can offer increased credibility to an organization’s security program. By vetting your employees to a high standard, organizations can provide reassurance to clients and customers that their security measures are effective. So, staff vetting is an important part of any organization’s security strategy.

6. Avoid Financial Loss

Any organization that employs staff members is at risk of financial loss due to employee cheating, theft, or fraud. It is impossible to eliminate the threat of such behavior. But there are steps that organizations can take to minimize the chances of it occurring.

One such measure is BS7858 screening, which is a process of conducting background checks on potential employees. Checking for criminal records and other red flags can help organizations weed out individuals who are likely to engage in dishonest behavior. While this process is very much foolproof, it can be an effective tool for reducing the risk of financial loss due to employee misconduct.


In short, BS7858 is a feature of workforce management software that is standard for pre-employment screening and regular monitoring of employees in companies with security risks. The compliant status of a company’s staff can have an impact on insurance premiums, tenders, and contracts. From 2022 onwards, BS7858 will be recognized as a best practice when fulfilling contractual obligations relating to the safety and security of people, premises, and assets. Implementing these standards within your organization will ensure you remain compliant and protect your business interests.

Furthermore, the changes coming into effect in 2022 with this standard will bring a greater level of compliance. Also, providing professional practice to the staff vetting process. By understanding these changes and how they affect your business, you can ensure that your organization is ready for the new requirements.

Have you started preparing for BS7858? Are there any other areas of compliance that you are unsure about? Get in touch with us today and let one of our experts help you create a plan to get compliant.



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