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Complete Analysis of Smartsheet Software Vs Box Software

These two software companies are best known for their project management solutions. Customers in each company’s respective industries value and rely on them. They provide their clients peace of mind by ensuring them that their financial concerns are safe in their hands. Customers are also upbeat about the company’s profitability. Especially when it comes from highly skilled software providers who deliver on their commitments. Both alternatives are rational and realistic. Their project management methods are really straightforward. Let us see if they are worthy of our surprise.  

Smartsheets Project Management Software Outline 

Smartsheet Software is a work execution platform and collaboration tool. It has a familiar spreadsheet-like interface that assists teams in real-time project planning, tracking, and management. Document and resource management, project reporting, task management, file sharing, and schedule monitoring are just a few of the project management options available in Smartsheet. To keep everyone on the same page, project plan information can be shared with members of the leadership team and important stakeholders. Activity log reports and customizable dashboards aid in ensuring constant team collaboration across projects of all sizes and types, from software development to marketing planning.  

Smartsheet’s automated workflow solutions that meet individual work preferences can help teams standardize a project process, enhance efficiency, and improve communication. Data can be sorted using card, grid, Gantt chart, and calendar views inside the platform’s project management features. Teams may check project status, manage resources, and assign tasks using a real-time dashboard to improve overall visibility and work efficiency.  

Couple key features of Smartsheet:  

  • Task Management.  
  • Financial Management.  
  • Employee Management.  
  • Remote Access/Control.  
  • Due Date Tracking.  
  • Third Party Integrations.  
  • File Sharing.  

Smarsheets Demo and How to Ask for It? 

The consumer merely needs to follow a few simple steps to get a Smarsheet demo. The client must first visit the company’s website and then, on the main page, click the “Watch a demo” button. Before the process can begin, the client must complete a form.  

Smartsheets Pricing and How Much Does It Costs? 

For customers, Smartsheets cost are exceptionally minimal. Because it provides an extremely affordable bundle for its software and components. The first pricing plan for Smartsheet is called Pro. That version’s pricing starts at $7 per user/month, billed yearly (max of 10 users). Then there is the Business version which costs $25 Per user/month, billed yearly (min 3 users). The last version is called Enterprise and the customer has to contact the company directly.  

Smartsheets Review and How Do They Stack Up? 

Smartsheet has received excellent reviews on the internet, with the majority of reviewers strongly supporting and recommending the software. The software is rated 4.4\5 at g2.com based on ‎8,798 user reviews. Smartsheet is also rated 4.5\5 at sotgwareadvice.com based on ‎2,518 user reviews.  

Box Project Management Software Featurette 

Box software is a cloud-based software that allows you to upload and download files for workplace collaboration. Clinical research data, loan applications, plans, and films are all examples of content on Box. Box has the potential to become its customers’ most valuable asset, regardless of industry. Box provides its customers with a single, secure platform for managing the complete lifecycle of their information. Everything from file creation to sharing, co-editing to signature, classification to retention is covered. Box’s Content Cloud is available to assist users at every step of the way.  

Team members may develop workflows in minutes without the assistance of IT to speed up common business activities. A central console provides a consolidated view of all shared data and accounts. It protects data integrity via watermarking and classification, as well as granular access privileges. It complies with HIPAA, FINRA, and FedRAMP.  

Couple key features of Box:  

  • Archiving & Retention.  
  • Document Classification.  
  • File Conversion.  
  • Data Storage Management.  
  • Backup and Recovery.  
  • Remote Access/Control.  
  • Content Management.  

Box Demo and How to Request It? 

The customer merely needs to follow a few simple steps to obtain a Box demo. First, the client must go to the company’s website and then click the “Contact us” option on the main page. Before the process can begin, the client must complete a basic form.  

Box Pricing and How to Get the Best Deal? 

Box has garnered positive internet feedback, with the majority of reviewers enthusiastically endorsing and recommending the software. The pricing of the software starts $15 for the business version and it get up to $47 for the enterprise version. The company offer pricing plans for both monthly and yearly packages.   

Box Software Reviews and How do They Look?  

Box costs are quite low for clients. Because it offers a very low-cost package of its software and components. Box is rated 4.5\5 at softwareadvice.com based on ‎4,549 user reviews. The software is rated 4.2\5 at g2.com based on ‎4,804 user reviews.  

Major Cons of Each Software  


  • The software has limited features.  
  • The software has hard integration process.  
  • The software is overpriced and customers have to premium for more add-ons.  
  • The software is slow at exporting formats sometimes.  


  • The software doesn’t support video files.  
  • The software tends to freeze at times.  
  • The software is difficult to send links via email.  
  • The software’s dashboard can get confusing.  

Future Prospects of Each Software  

Each of these companies has taken significant steps to safeguard its long-term viability. These businesses are constantly investing extensively in a variety of avenues. They want to increase the viability of their future profitability. They are also growing its facilities and customer service sites in new locations. As a result, their consumer base and market share in the Project Management area are constantly growing. Furthermore, these companies are improving their software by adding new features and tools. This broadens the scope of services they can offer.  


Smartsheet and Box are both formidable competitors in the project management software market. They are just perfect for the reasons for which they were designed. In this scenario, though, a decision must be made, and the buyer must make it. Because they will be the ones to use the program. To make such a decision, the clients must first evaluate themselves before arriving at a reasonable conclusion. They should make a list of all of their critical and necessary requirements. They should prioritize their budgetary limits as well. Because knowing what they can and cannot afford will help them in the long run. To recap, the consumer should choose the software that best suits their operating system. 


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