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Apple iPhone 11: The iPhone for all

iPhone 11 sets the perfect example for all the iPhones you need, even with the 16th generation popular widely. The fact is that the Pro models have extra zoom, a better battery life, and remarkable displays but most users don’t need that at all. Save your money and go for the iPhone 11 at a cheap price and repair parts. iPhone 11 parts are cheaper than the pros, but still one of the best iPhones.  

Thick bezels 

Well, if you were hoping that the new generation iPhone 11 will come with lesser bezels, you are not really going to like it. However, you will come across tremendous design improvements in the iPhone 11, but the front remains unchanged. The 6.1inches iPhone 11 screen carries the same wide notch enfolding the True depth camera and Face ID sensor, along with thick and uniform bezels surrounding it. 

For people who want a bigger screen but still want to manage the phone in one hand, the iPhone 11 marks the scale for them. Slightly tricky to reach the back button, often on the top left corner, but still people’s choice. 

This iPhone feels solid and has a glossy glass back. Its durability is significantly less than the Pro models because it’s made of aluminum. Though it does have IP68 water and dust resistance. We recommend, getting a protective for the glass back and an apple tempered glass screen protector for more durability.  

Though the replacement parts for iPhone 11 are cheap, you can spend a few extra dollars for the protective case and screen protector. 

The iPhone branding is no longer on the back, you get amazing six options in colors and they look wonderful. Allowing for an even more minimalist look of the iPhone 11. However, the glass back of the iPhone 11 is still prone to fingerprints. 

The camera design on the rear glass is a dual-lens sensor. The camera doesn’t blend into the rear body, the camera lens is sharp from the edges.  

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Low-resolution display 

The significant link is the iPhone 11 screen. It’s an IPS-LCD with a mere 1792 x 828(326 pixels per inch), not an OLED. Usually, in this price range, competitors have OLED displays with more resolution and PPI. 

iPhone 11 replacement screen’s resolution is low, though users won’t notice much it’s terrible. 

While the screen resolution is low, it’s hard to call that a problem. If you put the iPhone right in front of your eyes, sure, it’s easier to notice the difference. But that’s terrible for your eyes. Don’t do that! 

The iPhone 11 screen does not match the appealing price tag, you can find a cellphone with a better display at a similar price. 

There’s no headphone jack so you need lightning earphones or Air Pods for entertainment. There are stereo speakers in the iPhone 11 and sound vibrant. 


A single-lens camera is now an old story. Every manufacturer is after the dual or trio camera setup. The dual camera setup adds a 120-degree wide-angle lens. The iPhone 11 main camera is a 12-megapixel sensor with f/1.8 aperture, similar to the camera sensor in Pro models. There are significant enhancements: 

  • Faster autofocus in lowlight 
  • Better Smart HDR for more balanced shots 
  • High-contrast lightning 
  • Semantic rendering 

With such advanced improvements, the iPhone 11 is the best smartphone camera with cheap parts you can buy. The camera allows for capturing all refined details and the most natural colors. Putting all other camera apps to shame. The iPhone 11 is not a tough competitor especially compared to androids in a similar price range. 

Well, Apple could do more with the new ultra-wide-angle camera. Picture quality with the ultra-wide-angle lens is the best among competitors. iPhone 11 camera typically picks up a bit more details. 

The newly added Night mode of the iPhone 11 cameras is a star. This feature automatically enables itself when it detects poor lighting conditions. You can help or disable itself yourself too. The significant difference is the color that the camera offers, iPhone 11 camera maintains natural colors. The night mode is able to lighten up certain parts of the picture. 

 A drawback of the front camera is that there’s no night mode support or ultra-wide-angle lens. This limits the user and delivers muddy shots. 

 The portrait mode has several improvements in the iPhone 11. The quality is much better as compared to the single-camera portrait lens in the iPhone XR. 

The 12-megapixel sensor replaces the traditional 7-megapixel front-facing camera. They are offering overall better portrait selfies. The camera upgrade also allows group selfies by zooming out and taking more of the background. 

What makes the iPhone 11 camera dominant is the video upgrade, the ability to shoot 4K at 60 frames per second, and great stabilization. You also get the slow-motion feature on the front camera, which captures 120 frames per second at 1080p. 

The iPhone 11 camera upgrades make it a better and trendy smart device. 

Killer performance and slick iOS 13 

You get a similar performance on the iPhone 11 as you see in the pro models, as it t equips Apple’s A13 Bionic chipset. 

Applications respond quickly and scrolling through social apps is a much smoother experience. The chipset performs well for gaming phones too, but what gamers look for is the ultimate display and refresh rate which iPhone 11 lacks. 

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The battery  

Well, what most users don’t like is the battery life of iPhones. The iPhone 11 battery with 3110mAh capacity claims to last an hour longer than the iPhone XR, released last year. 

The iPhone 11’s battery will easily last all day in most situations. 

 What’s going to disappoint you is that the 18W fast charger is not included in the box. However, you get the fancy 5W traditional charger, which charges the iPhone 11 battery at a snail’s pace. It takes more than 3 hours to charge the battery. 

We recommend that you spend a few more dollars to buy the adapter and cable to charge the iPhone 11 battery, from MK Mobiles. With the fast-charging adapter and cable, the battery of the iPhone 11 would make it standard. 

The battery of the iPhone 11 can also be charged wirelessly, but for that, you need a wireless charging pad.  


We have a conclusion, the iPhone 11 offers a day-long battery, excellent performance, and a strong camera not to mention it’s still getting updates with the new iOS 16. If you want to save money and not worry about expensive repairs, the iPhone 11 is great value with cheap replacement parts. 


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